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NEW! Draft Development Without Displacement/Development With Diversity report available

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Draft Displacement Report

In a shifting economy, we might forget that there was a time when new development seemed to be crowding out existing residents. However, concerns about indirect displacement–displacement of residents or employment areas due to rising property values–are still a major concern in neighborhoods near transit. Having an affordable place to live near a transit station provides enormous opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents, who have often traded walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods for more affordable housing in auto-dependent areas.

At the same time, new development often increases diversity by introducing new races or classes into a neighborhood. Integrated, mixed-income communities are the goal of sustainable development, so it is critical that planners have the tools and skills to engage all residents and to help them address the tension that neighborhood changes can create. This report describes how displacement has affected the demographic character of the Bay Area, and outlines a number of strategies to make new development work for existing residents.