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Indian Valley

Contra Costa County

Indian Valley, located in the southern portion of the Caldecott Wildlife Corridor in Contra Costa County, is a valuable regional asset in terms of open space, water quality for human consumption, riparian habitat, hiking trail opportunities, spawning habitat for wild trout, wetlands, and other unique plant communities. The Caldecott Corridor is a regionally significant wildlife corridor, and the Indian Valley area, in particular, contains habitat for two federally listed threatened species, the red-legged frog and Alameda whipsnake, as well as several acres of wetlands. Indian Valley serves a crucial biological function by ensuring wildlife gene flow between the two large patches of open space that lie on either side of Highway 24.

Currently, the upper portion of Indian Valley is being protected through a conservation easement to the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), while the southern ridgeline, Flicker Ridge, is owned and managed for water quality and biodiversity by EBMUD. However, much of the Indian Valley area is currently unprotected. Protecting and managing Indian Valley and Indian Creek riparian areas from the existing livestock grazing will improve the USL Reservoir, a regional drinking water source for the East Bay, and will enhance and expand a two-mile reach spawning habitat for the only know genetically-pure, native rainbow trout in California. Preservation of the entirety of Indian Valley is critical in the protection of the biodiversity of the Corridor and will provide a unique opportunity for regional hiking trail connectors between the adjacent open spaces.

For more information about this area, please contact:

Rodney Tripp
East Bay Municipal Utility District

Lori Salamack
Town of Moraga